Item hacks By lecraeman

I am not responsible if you are banned from doing these. Because i dont know which are permed or which are not. But i suggest you get penguin impact which is in the working trainers page. Once you have downloaded it go up to the tab and click MAIN HACKS>>ALL PLAYERS>>EDIT ITEMS as far as i know you cant be banned doing this but it makes everyone temporily wear those items. here is the codes. Also to find an item press CTRL on your keyboard and while pressing it press F on your keyboard. This includes furniture IDS,Postcard IDS,Igloo IDS, server IDS and puffle IDS.

ID: 1, Name: Blue
ID: 2, Name: Green
ID: 3, Name: Pink
ID: 4, Name: Black
ID: 5, Name: Red
ID: 6, Name: Orange
ID: 7, Name: Yellow
ID: 8, Name: Dark Purple
ID: 9, Name: Brown
ID: 10, Name: Peach
ID: 11, Name: Dark Green
ID: 12, Name: Light Blue
ID: 13, Name: Lime Green
ID: 401, Name: Sombrero
ID: 402, Name: Black Toque
ID: 403, Name: Hard Hat
ID: 404, Name: Cowboy Hat
ID: 405, Name: Baseball Cap
ID: 406, Name: Pink Ball Cap
ID: 407, Name: Red Propellor Cap
ID: 408, Name: Flower Hat
ID: 409, Name: Graduation Cap
ID: 410, Name: Queen’s Crown
ID: 411, Name: Festive Sombrero
ID: 412, Name: Tiara
ID: 413, Name: Party Hat (Beta Hat)
ID: 414, Name: Santa Hat
ID: 415, Name: Pilgrim Hat
ID: 417, Name: Brown Fedora
ID: 418, Name: Pink Toque
ID: 419, Name: Russian Hat
ID: 420, Name: Black Toque
ID: 421, Name: Pink Toque
ID: 422, Name: Newspaper Hat
ID: 423, Name: Top Hat
ID: 424, Name: Chef Hat
ID: 425, Name: Shamrock Hat
ID: 426, Name: Jester Hat
ID: 427, Name: Pink Bunny Ears
ID: 428, Name: Tour Guide Hat
ID: 429, Name: Miners Helmet
ID: 430, Name: 2nd Year Party Hat
ID: 431, Name: Blue Propellor Cap
ID: 432, Name: Safari Hat
ID: 433, Name: Black Cowboy Hat
ID: 434, Name: Pink Cowgirl Hat
ID: 435, Name: Red Ball Cap
ID: 436, Name: Blue Ball Cap
ID: 437, Name: Straw Hat
ID: 438, Name: Blue Toque
ID: 439, Name: Park Ranger Hat
ID: 440, Name: Sailor’s Cap
ID: 441, Name: Admiral’s Hat
ID: 443, Name: Wizard Hat
ID: 444, Name: 1st Year Party Hat
ID: 445, Name: Green Toque
ID: 446, Name: Fishing Hat
ID: 447, Name: Elf Hat
ID: 448, Name: Winter Cape
ID: 449, Name: Fruit Headdress
ID: 450, Name: Earflap Cap
ID: 451, Name: Roman Helmet
ID: 452, Name: Viking Helmet
ID: 453, Name: Football Helmet
ID: 454, Name: Bike Helmet
ID: 455, Name: Pink Viking Helmet
ID: 456, Name: Blue Viking Helmet
ID: 457, Name: Divers Helmet
ID: 458, Name: Space Helmet
ID: 460, Name: Gold Viking Helmet
ID: 461, Name: Hockey Helmet
ID: 462, Name: Red Football Helmet
ID: 463, Name: Blue Football Helmet
ID: 464, Name: Snowboard Helmet
ID: 465, Name: Firefighter Hat
ID: 466, Name: Angel Halo
ID: 467, Name: Pink Pom Pom Toque
ID: 468, Name: Alien Antenna
ID: 469, Name: Umbrella Hat
ID: 470, Name: Feathered Hat
ID: 471, Name: Reindeer Antlers
ID: 472, Name: Bee Antenna
ID: 473, Name: Winged Helmet
ID: 474, Name: Clown Wig
ID: 475, Name: Countess Steeple Hat
ID: 476, Name: Bard Hat
ID: 477, Name: Court Jester Hat
ID: 478, Name: Coral Crown
ID: 479, Name: Zeus The Moose Head
ID: 480, Name: Parrot Mascot Costume
ID: 481, Name: Headphones
ID: 482, Name: Stocking Cap
ID: 483, Name: Blue Earmuffs
ID: 484, Name: Pink Earmuffs
ID: 485, Name: Bonnet
ID: 486, Name: Feathered Tiara
ID: 487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 488, Name: Head Band
ID: 489, Name: Director’s Hat
ID: 490, Name: Pirate Bandana
ID: 491, Name: Ice Crown
ID: 492, Name: Floppy Hat
ID: 493, Name: Tricorn Hat
ID: 494, Name: Golf Hat
ID: 495, Name: Marching Band Hat
ID: 496, Name: Blue Bunny Ears
ID: 497, Name: Sailor Hat
ID: 498, Name: Puffle Bandana
ID: 499, Name: Flower Headdress
ID: 650, Name: The Rocker
ID: 651, Name: The Spikester
ID: 652, Name: The Disco
ID: 653, Name: The Funster
ID: 654, Name: The Beekeeper
ID: 655, Name: The Sportster
ID: 656, Name: The Sunstriker
ID: 657, Name: The Flutterby
ID: 658, Name: The Sidetied
ID: 659, Name: Migrator Mascot Head
ID: 660, Name: Cocoa Bunny Ears
ID: 661, Name: The Cleo
ID: 662, Name: The Surf Knot
ID: 663, Name: Gigantic St. Patrick’s Hat
ID: 664, Name: Green Bunny Ears
ID: 665, Name: Alaska’s Explorer Hat
ID: 666, Name: Pharaoh Headdress
ID: 667, Name: King’s Crown
ID: 668, Name: Knight Helmet
ID: 669, Name: Woodsman’s Hat
ID: 670, Name: The Firestriker
ID: 671, Name: The Sidetied Too
ID: 672, Name: The Spikette
ID: 673, Name: Emerald Hat
ID: 674, Name: Red Hard Hat
ID: 675, Name: The Fern Fuzz
ID: 676, Name: Cheap Time Travel Hat
ID: 677, Name: The Suprema Diva
ID: 678, Name: The Messiness
ID: 1004, Name: Denim Hip Hop Hat
ID: 1005, Name: Green Paisley Bandana
ID: 1006, Name: Tweed Hat
ID: 1007, Name: The Tuft
ID: 1008, Name: The Dizzy
ID: 1009, Name: Gray Fedora
ID: 1010, Name: The Movie Star
ID: 1011, Name: Blue Felt Hat
ID: 1012, Name: Doorman’s Cap
ID: 1013, Name: Frankenpenguin Hat
ID: 1014, Name: Faery Wig
ID: 1015, Name: Rad Scientist Wig
ID: 1016, Name: Alien Thinking Cap
ID: 1017, Name: Brown Skater Hat
ID: 1018, Name: Pink Skater Hat
ID: 1019, Name: 3rd Year Party Hat
ID: 1020, Name: Chullo
ID: 1021, Name: The Chill
ID: 1022, Name: The Flouncy
ID: 1023, Name: Prince Redhood’s Hat
ID: 1024, Name: Beautiful Braid
ID: 1025, Name: Fairytails
ID: 1026, Name: Snowman Head
ID: 1027, Name: The Desert Rose
ID: 1028, Name: The Freestyle
ID: 1029, Name: The Shamrocker
ID: 1030, Name: Starlit Sombrero
ID: 1035, Name: Mini Sombrero
ID: 1036, Name: Goalie Helmet
ID: 1037, Name: Swim Cap & Goggles
ID: 1038, Name: Yellow Ball Cap
ID: 1039, Name: The Befluttered
ID: 1040, Name: Blue Top Hat
ID: 1041, Name: The Starlette
ID: 1042, Name: The Sidewinder
ID: 1043, Name: The Flickstar
ID: 1045, Name: Pink Visor
ID: 1046, Name: White Head Band
ID: 1047, Name: Baseball Helmet
ID: 1048, Name: The Belle
ID: 1049, Name: The Shenanigan
ID: 1050, Name: The Posh
ID: 1051, Name: Black Graduation Cap
ID: 101, Name: Black Sunglasses
ID: 102, Name: Night Vision
ID: 103, Name: 3D Glasses
ID: 104, Name: Ninja Mask
ID: 105, Name: Eyepatch
ID: 106, Name: Black Superhero Mask
ID: 107, Name: Blue Sunglasses
ID: 108, Name: Blue Sunglasses
ID: 109, Name: Free Red Sunglasses
ID: 110, Name: Red Sunglasses
ID: 111, Name: Designer Glasses
ID: 112, Name: Funny-Face Glasses
ID: 113, Name: Black Glasses
ID: 114, Name: Brown Glasses
ID: 116, Name: Snowflake Mask
ID: 117, Name: Trendy Sunglasses
ID: 118, Name: Trendy White Sunglasses
ID: 119, Name: Monocle
ID: 120, Name: Alien Mask
ID: 121, Name: Green Sunglasses
ID: 122, Name: Robot Helmet
ID: 123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 124, Name: Pink Superhero Mask
ID: 125, Name: Aviator Sunglasses
ID: 126, Name: Big Brow
ID: 127, Name: Blue Tiki Mask
ID: 128, Name: Pink Tiki Mask
ID: 130, Name: Earring
ID: 131, Name: Snorkel
ID: 132, Name: Blue Snorkel
ID: 133, Name: Red Face Paint
ID: 134, Name: Blue Face Paint
ID: 135, Name: Yellow Snorkel
ID: 136, Name: Ski Goggles
ID: 137, Name: Swim Goggles
ID: 138, Name: Swirly Glasses
ID: 139, Name: Pink Snorkel
ID: 2001, Name: Green Giant Sunglasses
ID: 2002, Name: Yellow Giant Sunglasses
ID: 2003, Name: Black Scuba Mask
ID: 2004, Name: Blue Alien Mask
ID: 162, Name: Santa Beard
ID: 166, Name: Green Bowtie
ID: 167, Name: Green Necktie
ID: 168, Name: Parrot
ID: 169, Name: Green Scarf
ID: 170, Name: Halloween Scarf
ID: 171, Name: Hawaiian Lei
ID: 172, Name: Yellow Scarf
ID: 173, Name: Christmas Scarf
ID: 174, Name: Boa
ID: 175, Name: Pink Scarf
ID: 176, Name: Black Tie
ID: 177, Name: Striped Tie
ID: 178, Name: Shell Necklace
ID: 179, Name: Blue Scarf
ID: 180, Name: Snare Drum
ID: 181, Name: Pearl Necklace
ID: 182, Name: Pendant
ID: 183, Name: Bling Bling Medallion
ID: 184, Name: Star Necklace
ID: 185, Name: Candy Necklace
ID: 186, Name: Ruffle Collar
ID: 187, Name: Cheesy Necktie
ID: 188, Name: Mullet Necktie
ID: 189, Name: Smiley Necktie
ID: 190, Name: Primitive Necklace
ID: 191, Name: Life Vest
ID: 192, Name: Bandana
ID: 193, Name: Blue Lei
ID: 194, Name: Whistle
ID: 195, Name: Reporter Camera
ID: 196, Name: Green Tabard
ID: 197, Name: Orange Tabard
ID: 198, Name: Purple Tabard
ID: 199, Name: Backstage Pass
ID: 214, Name: Black Bowtie
ID: 216, Name: Free Bowtie
ID: 301, Name: Red Cape
ID: 302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 303, Name: Black Cape
ID: 304, Name: Lime Green Cape
ID: 305, Name: Magicians Cape
ID: 306, Name: Red Backpack
ID: 307, Name: Messenger Bag
ID: 308, Name: Scuba Tank
ID: 309, Name: Bee Wings
ID: 310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 312, Name: Blue Backpack
ID: 313, Name: Hiking Backpack
ID: 314, Name: Pink Backpack
ID: 315, Name: Pink Cape
ID: 316, Name: Supply Bag
ID: 317, Name: Blue Mail Bag
ID: 793, Name: Royal Robe
ID: 3000, Name: Beaded Necklace
ID: 3001, Name: Jade Necklace
ID: 3002, Name: Silver Whistle
ID: 3003, Name: Gold Medal
ID: 3004, Name: Vinyl Messenger Bag
ID: 3005, Name: Skinny Blue Tie
ID: 3006, Name: Faery Wings
ID: 3007, Name: Yellow Cape
ID: 3008, Name: Twee’s Wings
ID: 3009, Name: Green Parrot
ID: 3012, Name: Blue Striped Scarf
ID: 3013, Name: Pink Designer Scarf
ID: 3014, Name: Accordion
ID: 3015, Name: White Bowtie
ID: 3018, Name: Green Trendy Scarf
ID: 3019, Name: Blue Designer Scarf
ID: 201, Name: Red Shirt
ID: 202, Name: Blue Polo Shirt
ID: 203, Name: Butterfly T-Shirt
ID: 204, Name: Astro Barrier T-Shirt
ID: 205, Name: I Love Puffle T-Shirt
ID: 206, Name: Red Shirt
ID: 207, Name: Snowflake T-Shirt
ID: 208, Name: Sailor’s Shirt
ID: 209, Name: Flannel Shirt
ID: 210, Name: Star T-Shirt
ID: 211, Name: Hawaiian Shirt
ID: 212, Name: Grass Skirt
ID: 213, Name: Orange Snowsuit
ID: 215, Name: Life Jacket
ID: 217, Name: Cowboy Vest
ID: 218, Name: Quilted Vest
ID: 219, Name: Blue Duffle Coat
ID: 221, Name: Black Hoodie
ID: 222, Name: Pink Hoodie
ID: 223, Name: Green Hoodie
ID: 224, Name: Purple Hoodie
ID: 225, Name: Red Turtleneck
ID: 226, Name: Green Turtleneck
ID: 227, Name: Bee Costume
ID: 228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 229, Name: Blue Turtleneck
ID: 230, Name: Orange Jumper
ID: 231, Name: Pirate Belt
ID: 232, Name: Green Suede Jacket
ID: 235, Name: Yellow Raincoat
ID: 236, Name: Poncho
ID: 237, Name: Red Suede Jacket
ID: 238, Name: Pastal Suede Jacket
ID: 239, Name: Wetsuit
ID: 240, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 241, Name: Purple Suede Jacket
ID: 242, Name: Victorian Dress
ID: 243, Name: Parka
ID: 244, Name: Ghost Costume
ID: 245, Name: Orange Space Suit
ID: 246, Name: Skeleton
ID: 247, Name: Clown Suit
ID: 248, Name: Kimono
ID: 249, Name: Pink Snowsuit
ID: 250, Name: Ice Cream Apron
ID: 251, Name: Jean Jacket
ID: 252, Name: Pink Dress
ID: 253, Name: Purple Dress
ID: 254, Name: Red Cheerleader Outfit
ID: 255, Name: Blue Cheerleader Outfit
ID: 256, Name: Ballerina
ID: 257, Name: Spring Dress
ID: 259, Name: Shamrock Dress
ID: 258, Name: Pirate Dress
ID: 260, Name: Seafoam Dress
ID: 261, Name: Black Suit
ID: 262, Name: Coffee Apron
ID: 263, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 264, Name: Red Pirate Dress
ID: 265, Name: Fishing Vest
ID: 266, Name: Alien Costume
ID: 267, Name: Red Shorts
ID: 268, Name: Purple Space Suit
ID: 269, Name: Pink Swimsuit
ID: 270, Name: Purple Bikini
ID: 271, Name: Yellow Bikini
ID: 272, Name: Blue Shorts
ID: 273, Name: Aqua Bikini
ID: 274, Name: Inflatable Duck
ID: 275, Name: Overalls
ID: 276, Name: Robot Suit
ID: 277, Name: Red Hockey Jersey
ID: 278, Name: Blue Hockey Jersey
ID: 279, Name: Pink Letterman Jacket
ID: 280, Name: Green Letterman Jacket
ID: 281, Name: Black Letterman Jacket
ID: 282, Name: Lighthouse Shirt
ID: 283, Name: Pink Duffle Coat
ID: 284, Name: Elf Suit
ID: 285, Name: Admiral Jacket
ID: 286, Name: Flamenco Dress
ID: 287, Name: Matador Outfit
ID: 288, Name: Striped Overalls
ID: 289, Name: Long Johns
ID: 290, Name: Victorian Jacket
ID: 291, Name: Leprechaun Tuxedo
ID: 292, Name: Green Duck
ID: 293, Name: Tuba
ID: 294, Name: Tuxedo
ID: 295, Name: Captain’s Coat
ID: 296, Name: Red Letterman Jacket
ID: 297, Name: Lifeguard Shirt
ID: 298, Name: Sport Life Jacket
ID: 299, Name: Firefighter Jacket
ID: 720, Name: Blue Football Jersey
ID: 721, Name: Red Football Jersey
ID: 722, Name: Referee Jersey
ID: 760, Name: Countess Dress
ID: 761, Name: Bard Outfit
ID: 762, Name: Court Jester
ID: 763, Name: Fish Costume
ID: 764, Name: Winter Poncho
ID: 765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 766, Name: Gamma Gal Costume
ID: 767, Name: Squidzoid Costume
ID: 768, Name: Mermaid Outfit
ID: 769, Name: White Admiral Jacket
ID: 770, Name: Safety Vest
ID: 771, Name: Blue Track Jacket
ID: 772, Name: Migrator Mascot Body
ID: 773, Name: Penguin Band Hoodie
ID: 774, Name: Seashell Belt
ID: 775, Name: Red Soccer Jersey
ID: 778, Name: Blue Soccer Jersey
ID: 780, Name: Daisy Zippered Hoodie
ID: 781, Name: Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 782, Name: Cocoa Bunny Costume
ID: 783, Name: Casual Suit Jacket
ID: 784, Name: Yellow Sundress
ID: 785, Name: Ski Patrol Jacket
ID: 786, Name: Sienna Explorer Outfit
ID: 787, Name: Beige Explorer Outfit
ID: 788, Name: Pharaoh Costume
ID: 789, Name: Mummy Costume
ID: 790, Name: Black and Red Sailor Shirt
ID: 791, Name: Red Baseball Uniform
ID: 792, Name: Blue Baseball Uniform
ID: 794, Name: Knight Armor
ID: 795, Name: Dragon Costume
ID: 796, Name: Emerald Dress
ID: 797, Name: Queen’s Dress
ID: 798, Name: Blacksmith Apron
ID: 799, Name: Squire Outfit
ID: 830, Name: Surf Bikini
ID: 831, Name: Hawaiian Shorts
ID: 832, Name: Sarong
ID: 833, Name: Diver’s Suit
ID: 834, Name: Tiger Cave Toga
ID: 835, Name: Zebra Cave Toga
ID: 836, Name: Red Basketball Jersey
ID: 837, Name: Blue Basketball Jersey
ID: 838, Name: Striped Sash Dress
ID: 839, Name: Pink Pop Music Shirt
ID: 840, Name: Orange Rocker Shirt
ID: 841, Name: Supernova Suit
ID: 842, Name: Dazzle Dress
ID: 843, Name: Black Cowboy Shirt
ID: 844, Name: Pink Cowgirl Shirt
ID: 845, Name: Gray Pirate Coat
ID: 846, Name: Conductor Suit
ID: 848, Name: Pop Girl T-Shirt
ID: 849, Name: Carribean T-Shirt
ID: 850, Name: Western T-Shirt
ID: 851, Name: Sparkle Rock T-Shirt
ID: 852, Name: Classical T-Shirt
ID: 853, Name: Rocker T-Shirt
ID: 854, Name: Music Jam T-Shirt
ID: 4000, Name: Glacier Suit
ID: 4001, Name: Sunset Dress
ID: 4002, Name: Blue Cheerleading Sweater
ID: 4003, Name: Red Cheerleading Sweater
ID: 4004, Name: Red Track Jacket
ID: 4005, Name: Red Track & Field Uniform
ID: 4006, Name: Blue Track & Field Uniform
ID: 4007, Name: Layered Lavender Outfit
ID: 4008, Name: Sea Green Outfit
ID: 4009, Name: Blue Hoodie
ID: 4010, Name: Tweed Coat
ID: 4011, Name: Painter’s Overalls
ID: 4012, Name: Detective’s Coat
ID: 4013, Name: Blue Zoot Suit
ID: 4014, Name: Doorman’s Jacket
ID: 4015, Name: Dark Detective’s Coat
ID: 4016, Name: Frankenpenguin Costume
ID: 4017, Name: Faery Costume
ID: 4018, Name: Rad Scientist Costume
ID: 4019, Name: Sea-Worthy Dress
ID: 4020, Name: Sea-Worthy Suit
ID: 4021, Name: Blue Alien Costume
ID: 4023, Name: Green Vest
ID: 4024, Name: Purple Vest
ID: 4025, Name: White Ninja Belt
ID: 4026, Name: Yellow Ninja Belt
ID: 4027, Name: Orange Ninja Belt
ID: 4028, Name: Green Ninja Belt
ID: 4029, Name: Blue Ninja Belt
ID: 4030, Name: Red Ninja Belt
ID: 4031, Name: Purple Ninja Belt
ID: 4032, Name: Brown Ninja Belt
ID: 4033, Name: Black Ninja Belt
ID: 4034, Name: Ninja Outfit
ID: 4035, Name: White Parka
ID: 4036, Name: Prince Redhood’s Costume
ID: 4037, Name: Grumpunzel’s Dress
ID: 4038, Name: Twee’s Costume
ID: 4039, Name: Big Bad Wool Suit
ID: 4040, Name: Purple Figure Skating Dress
ID: 4041, Name: Snowman Costume
ID: 4042, Name: Gingerbread Costume
ID: 4043, Name: Yellow Winter Jacket
ID: 4044, Name: Green Winter Jacket
ID: 4045, Name: Baker’s Apron
ID: 4046, Name: Red Hoodie
ID: 4047, Name: Spikester Threads
ID: 4048, Name: Freestyle Threads
ID: 4049, Name: Yellow Fiesta Dress
ID: 4050, Name: Blue Torero Suit
ID: 4053, Name: Red Goalie Gear
ID: 4054, Name: Blue Goalie Gear
ID: 4055, Name: Racing Swimsuit
ID: 4056, Name: Mountain Climber Gear
ID: 4057, Name: Yellow Shirt
ID: 4058, Name: Blue Shirt
ID: 4059, Name: Green Shirt
ID: 4060, Name: Pink Shirt
ID: 4061, Name: Green Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 4062, Name: Pink Striped Rugby Shirt
ID: 4063, Name: Pet Shop Staff Apron
ID: 4064, Name: Swashbuckler Outfit
ID: 4065, Name: Blue Tuxedo
ID: 4066, Name: Lavender Gown
ID: 4067, Name: Blue Dazzle Dress
ID: 4068, Name: Black Party Dress
ID: 4069, Name: White Tuxedo
ID: 4070, Name: Pink Tennis Outfit
ID: 4071, Name: Orange Tennis Outfit
ID: 4072, Name: Green Baseball Uniform
ID: 4075, Name: White Gi
ID: 4076, Name: Blue CP Hoodie Outfit
ID: 4077, Name: Green Quilted Coat
ID: 220, Name: Hockey Stick
ID: 233, Name: Electric Guitar
ID: 234, Name: Acoustic Guitar
ID: 321, Name: Flashing Lure Fishing Rod
ID: 322, Name: Gold Wristwatch
ID: 323, Name: Wrist Watch
ID: 324, Name: Pot O’Gold
ID: 325, Name: Water Wings
ID: 326, Name: Paddle Ball
ID: 327, Name: Lasso
ID: 328, Name: Bell
ID: 329, Name: Pompom
ID: 330, Name: Red Pompom
ID: 331, Name: Pumpkin Basket
ID: 332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 333, Name: Blue Pompom
ID: 334, Name: Cane
ID: 335, Name: Pair of Maracas
ID: 336, Name: Lollipop
ID: 337, Name: Festive Maracas
ID: 338, Name: Black Electric Guitar
ID: 339, Name: Friendship Bracelet
ID: 340, Name: Drumsticks
ID: 341, Name: Flower Basket
ID: 342, Name: Snow Shovel
ID: 343, Name: Violin
ID: 344, Name: Life Ring
ID: 345, Name: Blue Water Wings
ID: 346, Name: Fishing Rod
ID: 347, Name: Flashlight
ID: 348, Name: Marshmallow Stick
ID: 349, Name: Tennis Racket
ID: 350, Name: Cotton Candy
ID: 713, Name: Pink Purse
ID: 715, Name: Gold Bracelets
ID: 716, Name: Crook & Flail
ID: 717, Name: Baseball Glove
ID: 718, Name: Crystal Staff
ID: 719, Name: Basketball
ID: 723, Name: Green Shield
ID: 724, Name: Orange Shield
ID: 725, Name: Purple Shield
ID: 726, Name: Football
ID: 727, Name: Soccerball
ID: 728, Name: Spikester Cuffs
ID: 729, Name: Blue Electric Bass
ID: 730, Name: Sunburst Acoustic
ID: 731, Name: Pink Electric Guitar
ID: 732, Name: Microphone
ID: 5001, Name: Mixed Bracelets
ID: 5002, Name: Denim Purse
ID: 5003, Name: Magnifying Glass
ID: 5004, Name: Blue Cotton Candy
ID: 5005, Name: Candy Apple
ID: 5006, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 5007, Name: Blue Book
ID: 5008, Name: MP3K
ID: 5009, Name: Lantern
ID: 5010, Name: Pink Mittens
ID: 5011, Name: Blue Mittens
ID: 5012, Name: Hand Gong
ID: 5013, Name: Silver Wand
ID: 5014, Name: Trumpet
ID: 5015, Name: Wingwarmers
ID: 5016, Name: Boombox
ID: 5018, Name: Goalie Hockey Stick
ID: 5019, Name: Stop Watch
ID: 5022, Name: Penguin Play Award
ID: 5027, Name: Gardening Rake
ID: 701, Name: Flame Surfboard
ID: 702, Name: Daisy Surfboard
ID: 703, Name: Silver Surfboard
ID: 711, Name: Yellow Arrow Wakeboard
ID: 712, Name: Pink Striped Wakeboard
ID: 351, Name: Leather Shoes
ID: 352, Name: Black Sneakers
ID: 353, Name: Ballet Shoes
ID: 354, Name: Clown Shoes
ID: 355, Name: Cement Shoes
ID: 357, Name: Blue Sneakers
ID: 358, Name: Black Dress Shoes
ID: 359, Name: Pink Bow Dress Shoes
ID: 360, Name: Running Shoes
ID: 361, Name: Snowshoes
ID: 362, Name: Scuba Flippers
ID: 363, Name: Yellow Sandals
ID: 364, Name: Blue Flippers
ID: 365, Name: Winter Boots
ID: 366, Name: Bunny Slippers
ID: 367, Name: Yellow Flippers
ID: 368, Name: Cowboy Boots
ID: 369, Name: Ice Skates
ID: 370, Name: Elf Shoes
ID: 371, Name: Skateboard
ID: 372, Name: Hiking Boots
ID: 373, Name: Yellow Rubber Boots
ID: 374, Name: Pirate Boots
ID: 375, Name: Pink Sandals
ID: 376, Name: Brown Sandals
ID: 377, Name: Blue Rollerskates
ID: 378, Name: Pink Rollerskates
ID: 379, Name: Wool Socks
ID: 380, Name: Fuzzy Boots
ID: 381, Name: Green Rubber Boots
ID: 382, Name: Pink Flippers
ID: 383, Name: Blue Flower Flipflops
ID: 384, Name: Green Flipflops
ID: 385, Name: Cleats
ID: 386, Name: Pink Sneakers
ID: 387, Name: Orange Sneakers
ID: 388, Name: Stardust Slippers
ID: 6001, Name: Sunset Dress Shoes
ID: 6002, Name: Green Running Shoes
ID: 6003, Name: Pink Checkered Shoes
ID: 6004, Name: Black Checkered Shoes
ID: 6005, Name: Blue Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
ID: 6006, Name: Purple Cuckoo Ka-Shoes
ID: 6007, Name: Brown Pirate Boots
ID: 6008, Name: Black Zoot Shoes
ID: 6009, Name: Green Bunny Slippers
ID: 6010, Name: Big Bad Wool Hooves
ID: 6011, Name: Figure Skates
ID: 6012, Name: Geta Sandals
ID: 6013, Name: Hockey Skates
ID: 6015, Name: White Dress Shoes
ID: 6016, Name: Blue Stardust Slippers
ID: 6017, Name: Tennis Shoes
ID: 500, Name: Canada
ID: 501, Name: USA
ID: 502, Name: Australia
ID: 503, Name: United Kingdom
ID: 504, Name: Belgium
ID: 505, Name: Brazil
ID: 506, Name: China
ID: 507, Name: Denmark
ID: 508, Name: Finland
ID: 509, Name: France
ID: 510, Name: Germany
ID: 511, Name: Israel
ID: 512, Name: Japan
ID: 513, Name: Korea
ID: 514, Name: Netherlands
ID: 515, Name: Norway
ID: 516, Name: Poland
ID: 517, Name: Russia
ID: 518, Name: Spain
ID: 519, Name: Sweden
ID: 520, Name: Switzerland
ID: 521, Name: Turkey
ID: 522, Name: Mexico
ID: 523, Name: New Zealand
ID: 524, Name: Ireland
ID: 525, Name: Portugal
ID: 526, Name: South Africa
ID: 527, Name: India
ID: 528, Name: Italy
ID: 529, Name: Belize
ID: 530, Name: Egypt
ID: 531, Name: Hungary
ID: 532, Name: Antarctica
ID: 533, Name: Argentina
ID: 534, Name: Jamaica
ID: 535, Name: Chile
ID: 550, Name: Shamrock
ID: 551, Name: Music Note
ID: 552, Name: Plant
ID: 553, Name: Pizza Slice
ID: 554, Name: Balloon
ID: 555, Name: Mining Lantern
ID: 556, Name: Beach Ball
ID: 557, Name: Sun
ID: 558, Name: Horse Shoe
ID: 559, Name: Astro
ID: 560, Name: Hockey
ID: 561, Name: Soccer
ID: 562, Name: Pencil
ID: 563, Name: Lighthouse
ID: 564, Name: Telescope
ID: 565, Name: Pirate Flag
ID: 566, Name: Pumpkin
ID: 567, Name: Jet Pack
ID: 568, Name: Life Ring
ID: 569, Name: Bonfire
ID: 570, Name: Christmas Tree Pin
ID: 571, Name: Candy Cane
ID: 572, Name: Apple
ID: 573, Name: Cactus
ID: 574, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 575, Name: Ice Block
ID: 576, Name: Shrimp Pin
ID: 577, Name: Pot of Gold
ID: 578, Name: Cardboard Box
ID: 579, Name: Microphone
ID: 580, Name: Gem
ID: 581, Name: Tulip
ID: 582, Name: Starfish
ID: 583, Name: Surfboard
ID: 584, Name: Picnic Basket
ID: 585, Name: Water Droplet
ID: 586, Name: Cart
ID: 587, Name: Butterfly
ID: 588, Name: Tent
ID: 589, Name: Baseball
ID: 590, Name: Jellyfish
ID: 591, Name: Circus Tent
ID: 592, Name: Ping Pong Paddle
ID: 593, Name: Hairbrush
ID: 594, Name: Spider
ID: 595, Name: UFO
ID: 596, Name: Needle
ID: 597, Name: Holly
ID: 598, Name: Wreath
ID: 599, Name: Red Snow Shovel
ID: 600, Name: Sombrero
ID: 601, Name: Rowboat
ID: 602, Name: Anchor
ID: 603, Name: Golden Wheel
ID: 604, Name: Aqua Grabber
ID: 605, Name: Book
ID: 606, Name: Crayon
ID: 607, Name: Pyramid
ID: 608, Name: Treasure Chest
ID: 609, Name: Captain’s Quarters Key
ID: 610, Name: Goblet
ID: 611, Name: Anvil
ID: 612, Name: Icecream Cone
ID: 613, Name: Basketball
ID: 614, Name: Firework Rocket
ID: 615, Name: Treble Clef
ID: 616, Name: Vinyl Record
ID: 617, Name: Dodgeball
ID: 618, Name: 150th Newspaper
ID: 619, Name: Magnifying Glass
ID: 620, Name: Ruby
ID: 621, Name: Yellow Balloon
ID: 622, Name: Lollipop
ID: 623, Name: Microscope
ID: 624, Name: Anniversary Cake
ID: 625, Name: Blue Snow Shovel
ID: 626, Name: Snowflake Tile
ID: 627, Name: Snow Fort
ID: 628, Name: Present
ID: 629, Name: Gingerbread Man
ID: 630, Name: Taco
ID: 631, Name: Lily
ID: 632, Name: Box O’ Puffle O’s
ID: 633, Name: O’ Berry
ID: 634, Name: Lucky Coin
ID: 635, Name: Top Hat
ID: 636, Name: Chocolate Bunny
ID: 750, Name: Blue Puffle
ID: 751, Name: Pink Puffle
ID: 752, Name: Black Puffle
ID: 753, Name: Green Puffle
ID: 754, Name: Purple Puffle
ID: 755, Name: Red Puffle
ID: 756, Name: Yellow Puffle
ID: 800, Name: Spy Phone
ID: 801, Name: Mission 1 Medal
ID: 802, Name: Letter from Aunt Arctic
ID: 803, Name: Mission 2 Medal
ID: 804, Name: Letter from G
ID: 805, Name: Mission 3 Medal
ID: 806, Name: Card from Dancing Penguin
ID: 807, Name: Forest Map
ID: 808, Name: Mission 4 Medal
ID: 809, Name: Handy Penguin Award
ID: 810, Name: Mission 5 Medal
ID: 811, Name: Box of Pizza
ID: 812, Name: Coins For Change Card
ID: 813, Name: Mission 6 Medal
ID: 814, Name: Magnet Blueprints
ID: 815, Name: Mission 7 Medal
ID: 816, Name: Blue Pennant
ID: 817, Name: Mission 8 Medal
ID: 818, Name: Cool Gift
ID: 819, Name: Mission 9 Medal
ID: 820, Name: Box of Chocolates
ID: 821, Name: Starter Deck
ID: 822, Name: Mission 10 Medal
ID: 823, Name: Employee of the Month Trophy
ID: 8000, Name: Wood EPF Badge
ID: 8001, Name: Ice EPF Badge
ID: 8002, Name: Bronze EPF Badge
ID: 8003, Name: Silver EPF Badge
ID: 8004, Name: Gold EPF Badge
ID: 8005, Name: EPF Certificate
ID: 901, Name: Heart Background
ID: 902, Name: Flower Background
ID: 903, Name: Nightime Background
ID: 904, Name: Clouds Background
ID: 905, Name: Cut-out Background
ID: 906, Name: Target Background
ID: 907, Name: Camo Background
ID: 908, Name: Lined Paper Background
ID: 909, Name: Pink Hawaiian Background
ID: 910, Name: Blue Hawaiian Background
ID: 911, Name: Oasis Background
ID: 912, Name: Beach Background
ID: 913, Name: Western Sunset Background
ID: 914, Name: Corral Background
ID: 915, Name: Saloon Background
ID: 916, Name: Stagecoach Background
ID: 917, Name: Band Background
ID: 918, Name: Soccer Background
ID: 919, Name: Hockey Background
ID: 920, Name: Basketball Background
ID: 921, Name: Gymnastic Background
ID: 922, Name: Blue Vines Background
ID: 923, Name: Brick Background
ID: 924, Name: Underwater Background
ID: 925, Name: Puffle Background
ID: 926, Name: Lighthouse Background
ID: 927, Name: Autumn Leaves Background
ID: 928, Name: Pumpkin Patch Background
ID: 929, Name: Igloo Background
ID: 930, Name: Launchpad Background
ID: 931, Name: Zigzag Background
ID: 932, Name: Winter Background
ID: 933, Name: Gift Wrap Background
ID: 934, Name: Christmas Background
ID: 935, Name: Snowflakes Background
ID: 936, Name: Ice Fishing Background
ID: 937, Name: Disco Background
ID: 938, Name: Mexican Background
ID: 939, Name: Aurora Background
ID: 940, Name: Snowman Background
ID: 941, Name: Lace Background
ID: 942, Name: Melting Background
ID: 943, Name: Springtime Background
ID: 944, Name: Pizza Splat Background
ID: 945, Name: Sea Monster Background
ID: 946, Name: Music Score Background
ID: 947, Name: Piano Keys Background
ID: 948, Name: Instruments Background
ID: 949, Name: Bookshelves Background
ID: 950, Name: Balloon Arch Background
ID: 951, Name: Hydro Hopper Background
ID: 952, Name: Picnic Background
ID: 953, Name: Surfboards Background
ID: 954, Name: Fish Background
ID: 955, Name: Campfire Background
ID: 956, Name: Jigsaw Background
ID: 957, Name: Water Balloon Background
ID: 958, Name: Splash Background
ID: 959, Name: Rockhopper Background
ID: 960, Name: Map Background
ID: 961, Name: Tent Background
ID: 962, Name: Lemonade Stand Background
ID: 963, Name: Fireflies Background
ID: 964, Name: Camping Background
ID: 965, Name: Baseball Background
ID: 966, Name: Apples Background
ID: 967, Name: Dock Jumping Background
ID: 968, Name: Wakeboard Background
ID: 969, Name: Sunset Background
ID: 970, Name: Teddy Bear Background
ID: 971, Name: Spooky Trees Background
ID: 972, Name: Igloo Door Background
ID: 973, Name: Candy Background
ID: 974, Name: Football Background
ID: 975, Name: Mountaintop Background
ID: 976, Name: Jetpack Background
ID: 977, Name: Snapshots Background
ID: 978, Name: Christmas Trees Background
ID: 979, Name: Plaid Background
ID: 980, Name: Blossom Background
ID: 981, Name: Blue Stars Background
ID: 982, Name: Bamboo Background
ID: 983, Name: Sunflowers Background
ID: 984, Name: Space Background
ID: 985, Name: Emotes Background
ID: 986, Name: Snow Forts Background
ID: 987, Name: Adventure Background
ID: 988, Name: Castle Background
ID: 989, Name: Tabard Background
ID: 990, Name: Twelfth Fish Background
ID: 991, Name: Fresco Waves Background
ID: 992, Name: Volcanic Background
ID: 993, Name: Sports Equipment Background
ID: 994, Name: Karaoke Background
ID: 995, Name: Cityscape Background
ID: 996, Name: Band Autograph
ID: 997, Name: Beach Chairs Background
ID: 998, Name: Gym Background
ID: 999, Name: Blueprints Background
ID: 9000, Name: Scarlet Leaves Background
ID: 9001, Name: Noir Background
ID: 9002, Name: Detective Background
ID: 9003, Name: Carousel Background
ID: 9004, Name: Stormy Background
ID: 9005, Name: Planet Y Background
ID: 9006, Name: Giant Pumpkin Background
ID: 9007, Name: Gary Background
ID: 9008, Name: Ice Cave Background
ID: 9009, Name: Fairy Fables Background
ID: 9011, Name: Christmas Carol Background
ID: 9013, Name: Piata Background
ID: 9014, Name: Neon Mania Background
ID: 9015, Name: Cadence’s Autograph
ID: 9016, Name: Pet Shop Background
ID: 9017, Name: Leprechaun Background
ID: 9018, Name: Awards Background
ID: 9020, Name: Penguin Awards Background
ID: 9021, Name: Aunt Arctic’s Autograph
ID: 9022, Name: Bright Flowers Background
ID: 10113, Name: Black Glasses
ID: 10120, Name: Alien Mask
ID: 10123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 10181, Name: Pearl Necklace
ID: 10195, Name: Reporter Camera
ID: 10210, Name: Star T-Shirt
ID: 10227, Name: Bee Costume
ID: 10228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 10239, Name: Wetsuit
ID: 10244, Name: Ghost Costume
ID: 10245, Name: Orange Space Suit
ID: 10254, Name: Red Cheerleader
ID: 10262, Name: Coffee Apron
ID: 10263, Name: Pizza Apron
ID: 10266, Name: Alien Costume
ID: 10299, Name: Firefighter Jacket
ID: 10302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 10308, Name: Scuba Tank
ID: 10309, Name: Bee Wings
ID: 10310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 10330, Name: Red Pompom
ID: 10331, Name: Pumpkin Basket
ID: 10332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 10338, Name: Black Electric Guitar
ID: 10352, Name: Black Sneakers
ID: 10367, Name: Yellow Flippers
ID: 10372, Name: Hiking Boots
ID: 10373, Name: Rubber Boots
ID: 10376, Name: Brown Sandals
ID: 10403, Name: Hard Hat
ID: 10424, Name: Chef Hat
ID: 10458, Name: Space Helmet
ID: 10465, Name: Firefighter Hat
ID: 10472, Name: Bee Antenna
ID: 10473, Name: Winged Helmet
ID: 10478, Name: Coral Crown
ID: 10487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 10494, Name: Golf Hat
ID: 10651, Name: The Spikester
ID: 10653, Name: The Funster
ID: 10727, Name: Soccerball
ID: 10765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 10768, Name: Mermaid Outfit
ID: 10770, Name: Safety Vest
ID: 10775, Name: Red Soccer Jersey
ID: 11013, Name: Frankenpenguin Hat
ID: 11017, Name: Brown Skater Hat
ID: 11018, Name: Pink Skater Hat
ID: 12003, Name: Black Scuba Mask
ID: 13007, Name: Yellow Cape
ID: 14016, Name: Frankenpenguin Costume
ID: 14035, Name: White Parka
ID: 15007, Name: Blue Book
ID: 15008, Name: MP3000
ID: 16009, Name: Green Bunny Slippers
ID: 10414, Name: Santa Hat
ID: 14046, Name: Red Hoodie
ID: 10162, Name: Santa Beard
ID: 10374, Name: Pirate Boots
ID: 10284, Name: Elf Suit
ID: 10370, Name: Elf Shoes
ID: 10471, Name: Reindeer Antlers
ID: 10407, Name: Red Propellor Cap
ID: 10412, Name: Tiara
ID: 10432, Name: Safari Hat
ID: 10463, Name: Blue Football Helmet
ID: 10464, Name: Snowboard Helmet
ID: 10481, Name: Headphones
ID: 10482, Name: Stocking Cap
ID: 10487, Name: Princess Hat
ID: 10498, Name: Puffle Bandana
ID: 10666, Name: Pharaoh Headdress
ID: 10667, Name: King’s Crown
ID: 10207, Name: Snowflake T-Shirt
ID: 10213, Name: Orange Snowsuit
ID: 10228, Name: Princess Costume
ID: 10256, Name: Ballerina
ID: 10261, Name: Black Suit
ID: 10282, Name: Lighthouse Shirt
ID: 10289, Name: Long Johns
ID: 10296, Name: Red Letterman Jacket
ID: 10720, Name: Blue Football Jersey
ID: 10765, Name: Shadow Guy Costume
ID: 10766, Name: Gamma Gal Costume
ID: 10773, Name: Penguin Band Hoodie
ID: 10785, Name: Ski Patrol Jacket
ID: 10787, Name: Beige Explorer Outfit
ID: 10788, Name: Pharaoh Costume
ID: 10789, Name: Mummy Costume
ID: 10795, Name: Dragon Costume
ID: 10353, Name: Ballet Shoes
ID: 10357, Name: Blue Sneakers
ID: 10366, Name: Bunny Slippers
ID: 10214, Name: Black Bowtie
ID: 10302, Name: Blue Cape
ID: 10310, Name: Fairy Wings
ID: 10315, Name: Pink Cape
ID: 10793, Name: Royal Robe
ID: 10332, Name: Magic Wand
ID: 10715, Name: Gold Bracelets
ID: 10101, Name: Black Sunglasses
ID: 10105, Name: Eyepatch
ID: 10110, Name: Red Sunglasses
ID: 10123, Name: Blue Superhero Mask
ID: 10124, Name: Pink Superhero Mask
ID: 12005, Name: Red Ski Goggles
ID: 14051, Name: Blue Daisy Hoodie
ID: 13010, Name: Candycane Scarf
ID: 12006, Name: Black Diva Sunglasses
ID: 15017, Name: Keytar
ID: 11031, Name: Kitty Kat Hat
ID: 14052, Name: Crosshatch Hoodie
Special Penguin IDs:
Franky: Head: 1000
Franky: Feet: 6000
Franky: Hand: 234

G Billy:
G Billy: Head: 1001
G Billy: Hand: 5000

Petey K:
Petey K: Head: 1003
Petey K: Hand: 3016

Stompin’ Bob:
Stompin’ Bob: Head: 1002
Stompin’ Bob: Face: 101
Stompin’ Bob: Hand: 5025

Gary: Body: 4022
Gary: Face: 115

Aunt Arctic:
Aunt Arctic: Head: 1044
Aunt Arctic: Face: 2007

Cadence: Head: 1032
Cadence: Feet: 1033
Cadence: Neck: 3011
Cadence: Hand: 1034

Rockhopper: Head: 442
Rockhopper: Face: 152
Rockhopper: Neck: 161

Id: 100, Name: Town, SWF name: town
Id: 130, Name: Gift Shop, SWF Name: shop
Id: 120, Name: Night Club, SWF Name: dance
Id: 110, Name: Coffee Shop, SWF Name: coffee
Id: 111, Name: Book Room, SWF Name: book
Id: 121, Name: Dance Lounge, SWF Name: lounge
Id: 310, Name: Pet Shop, SWF Name: pet
Id: 340, Name: Stage, SWF Name: stage
Id: 330, Name: Pizza Parlor, SWF Name: pizza
Id: 41606315, Name: 412mark412’s Igloo
Id: 1968551304, Name: Rockhopper’s Igloo
Id: 361000, Name: Rsnail’s Igloo
Id: 811000, Name: BillyBob’s Igloo
Id: 22511000, Name: Screenhog’s Igloo
Id: 800, Name: Dock, SWF Name: dock
Id: 400, Name: Beach, SWF Name: beach
Id: 410, Name: Lighthouse, SWF Name: light
Id: 411, Name: Beacon, SWF Name: beacon
Id: 200, Name: Ski Village, SWF Name: village
Id: 210, Name: Sports Shop, SWF Name: sport
Id: 220, Name: Ski Lodge, SWF Name: lodge
Id: 230, Name: Ski Mountain, SWF Name: mtn
Id: 320, Name: Dojo, SWF Name: dojo
Id: 805: Name: Iceberg, SWF Name: berg
Id: 807: Name: Mine Shack, SWF Name: shack
Id: 808, Name: Mine, SWF Name: mine
Id: 806, Name: Cave/Pool, SWF Name: cave
Id: 804, Name: Boiler Room, SWF Name: boiler
Id: 809, Name: Forest, SWF Name: forest
Id: 810, Name: Cove, SWF Name: cove
Id: 48278893, Name: 77samantha77’s Igloo
Id: 420, Name: Pirate Ship, SWF Name: ship
Id: 423, Name: Crows Nest, SWF Name: shipnest
Id: 421, Name: Ship Hold, SWF Name: shiphold
Id: 422, Name: Captain’s Quarters, SWF Name: shipquarters
Id: 22870643, Name: Fever’s Igloo
Id: 321, Name: Dojo Courtyard, SWF Name: dojoext
Id: 322, Name: Flying Flippers Emporium, SWF Name: dojohide
Id: 323, Name: The Command Room, SWF Name: agentcom
Id: 803, Name: Agent HQ, SWF Name: agent


ID: 100, Name: Blizzard
ID: 101, Name: Ice Berg
ID: 102, Name: White Out
ID: 103, Name: Slushy
ID: 104, Name: Flurry
ID: 105, Name: Snow Angel
ID: 106, Name: Snow Day
ID: 107, Name: Frostbite
ID: 108, Name: Icicle
ID: 109, Name: Tundra
ID: 110, Name: Snow Cone
ID: 111, Name: Alpine
ID: 112, Name: Ice Breaker
ID: 113, Name: Snow Globe
ID: 114, Name: Snow Fort
ID: 115, Name: Mammoth
ID: 116, Name: Grizzly
ID: 117, Name: Winter Land
ID: 120, Name: Freezer
ID: 121, Name: Avalanche
ID: 122, Name: Powder Ball
ID: 123, Name: Summit
ID: 124, Name: Flippers
ID: 125, Name: Yeti
ID: 126, Name: Sub Zero
ID: 127, Name: Ice Cold
ID: 128, Name: Crystal
ID: 129, Name: Snow Bank
ID: 130, Name: Ice Palace
ID: 131, Name: Tuxedo
ID: 132, Name: Abominable
ID: 133, Name: Half Pipe
ID: 134, Name: Snow Board
ID: 135, Name: Alaska
ID: 136, Name: Thermal
ID: 137, Name: Toboggan
ID: 138, Name: Husky
ID: 139, Name: Snow Plow
ID: 140, Name: Ice Age
ID: 141, Name: Sabertooth
ID: 142, Name: Parka
ID: 143, Name: Hibernate
ID: 144, Name: Sleet
ID: 145, Name: Vanilla
ID: 146, Name: Christmas
ID: 147, Name: Klondike
ID: 148, Name: Icebound
ID: 149, Name: Marshmallow
ID: 150, Name: White House
ID: 151, Name: Fjord
ID: 152, Name: Big Foot
ID: 155, Name: Rocky Road
ID: 156, Name: Rainbow
ID: 157, Name: Arctic
ID: 158, Name: Shiver
ID: 159, Name: Matterhorn
ID: 160, Name: Bobsled
ID: 161, Name: Ice Box
ID: 162, Name: Bunny Hill
ID: 163, Name: Walrus
ID: 164, Name: Deep Snow
ID: 166, Name: Snowmobile
ID: 167, Name: Northern Lights
ID: 168, Name: Southern Lights
ID: 169, Name: Ice Shelf
ID: 170, Name: Ascent
ID: 171, Name: Snowcap
ID: 200, Name: North Pole
ID: 201, Name: Glacier
ID: 202, Name: Aurora
ID: 203, Name: Mukluk
ID: 204, Name: Great White
ID: 205, Name: Snow Shoe
ID: 206, Name: Yukon
ID: 207, Name: Polar Bear
ID: 209, Name: Chinook
ID: 210, Name: Wool Socks
ID: 211, Name: Snowbound
ID: 213, Name: Ice Pond
ID: 214, Name: Snowfall
ID: 215, Name: Caribou
ID: 300, Name: Deep Freeze
ID: 301, Name: Cold Front
ID: 302, Name: Frozen
ID: 303, Name: Snow Flake
ID: 304, Name: Frosty
ID: 306, Name: Snow Drift
ID: 307, Name: Mittens
ID: 310, Name: Breeze
ID: 311, Name: Crunch
ID: 312, Name: Wind Chill
ID: 313, Name: Iceland
ID: 314, Name: Belly Slide
ID: 315, Name: Sherbet
ID: 400, Name: South Pole
ID: 401, Name: Big Surf
ID: 403, Name: Antarctic
ID: 404, Name: Kosciusko
ID: 405, Name: Down Under
ID: 406, Name: Beanie
ID: 407, Name: Outback
ID: 409, Name: Snowy River
ID: 410, Name: Big Snow
ID: 411, Name: Brumby
ID: 118, Name: Snow Ball
ID: 119, Name: Ice Pack
ID: 153, Name: Ice Cream
ID: 154, Name: Bubblegum
ID: 165, Name: Altitude
ID: 208, Name: Canoe
ID: 212, Name: Ice Rink
ID: 308, Name: Ice Cave
ID: 309, Name: Boots
ID: 402, Name: Ice Cube
ID: 408, Name: Bonza
ID: 501, Name: Zero Grau
ID: 502 Name: Deu Branco
ID: 504 Name: Friaca
ID: 505 Name: Geladeira
ID: 508 Name: Inverno
ID: 509 Name: Granizo
ID: 512 Name: Polar
ID: 513 Name: Gelo Seco
ID: 514 Name: Nevado
ID: 550 Name: Jour de Neige
ID: 551 Name: Brise
ID: 552 Name: Antarctique


ID: 1, Name: Pink Chair
ID: 2, Name: Pink Beanbag Chair
ID: 3, Name: Pink Table
ID: 4, Name: Pink Dresser
ID: 5, Name: Pink Lamp
ID: 6, Name: Pink Sofa
ID: 10, Name: Log Chair
ID: 11, Name: Log Bench
ID: 12, Name: Log Drawers
ID: 13, Name: Log Stump
ID: 14, Name: Log Table
ID: 21, Name: Blue Chair
ID: 22, Name: Blue Bench
ID: 23, Name: Blue Bookcase
ID: 24, Name: Blue Table
ID: 25, Name: Blue Deck Chair
ID: 26, Name: Blue Lamp
ID: 31, Name: Coffee Tree
ID: 32, Name: Coffee Couch
ID: 33, Name: Coffee Table
ID: 34, Name: Java Bag
ID: 41, Name: Book Room Couch
ID: 42, Name: Book Room Lamp
ID: 43, Name: Arm Chair
ID: 46, Name: Dinner Table
ID: 47, Name: Dinner Chair
ID: 51, Name: Snow Chair
ID: 52, Name: Snow Couch
ID: 53, Name: Snow Clump
ID: 54, Name: Ice Table
ID: 55, Name: Penguin Ice Sculpture
ID: 56, Name: Snow Deck Chair
ID: 57, Name: Knight Ice Sculpture
ID: 58, Name: Snowman
ID: 59, Name: Sled
ID: 61, Name: Princess Armoire
ID: 62, Name: Princess Vanity
ID: 63, Name: Princess Throne
ID: 65, Name: Mermaid Vanity
ID: 66, Name: Shell Chair
ID: 67, Name: Mermaid Clock
ID: 71, Name: Fridge
ID: 72, Name: Barbecue
ID: 73, Name: Electric Stove
ID: 74, Name: Pantry
ID: 75, Name: Kitchen Sink
ID: 76, Name: Folding Chair
ID: 77, Name: Umbrella
ID: 78, Name: Beach Ball
ID: 79, Name: Whale Inflatable
ID: 80, Name: Dragon Inflatable
ID: 81, Name: Bamboo Couch
ID: 82, Name: Bamboo Chair
ID: 83, Name: Bamboo Table
ID: 84, Name: Torch
ID: 85, Name: Palm Tree
ID: 91, Name: Green Chair
ID: 92, Name: Green Bench
ID: 93, Name: Green Bookcase
ID: 94, Name: Green Vase
ID: 95, Name: Green Deck Chair
ID: 96, Name: Green Plush Couch
ID: 97, Name: Green Chair
ID: 99, Name: Superhero Stage Poster
ID: 100, Name: Moose Head
ID: 101, Name: Aquarium
ID: 102, Name: Speaker
ID: 103, Name: Large Cactus
ID: 104, Name: Small Cactus
ID: 105, Name: Wood Cabinet
ID: 106, Name: Mona Lisa
ID: 107, Name: Recycle Bin
ID: 108, Name: Welcome Mat
ID: 109, Name: Big Screen TV
ID: 110, Name: Tombstone
ID: 111, Name: Happy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 112, Name: Goofy Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 113, Name: Sad Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 114, Name: Spiderweb
ID: 115, Name: Silly Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 116, Name: Puffle Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 117, Name: Cauldron
ID: 118, Name: Pipe Organ
ID: 119, Name: Candelabra
ID: 120, Name: Pumpkin Lights
ID: 130, Name: Christmas Tree
ID: 131, Name: Christmas Wreath
ID: 132, Name: Fireplace
ID: 133, Name: Small Christmas Tree
ID: 134, Name: Christmas Lights
ID: 135, Name: Giant Candy Cane
ID: 136, Name: Wood Stove
ID: 137, Name: Candle Stick
ID: 138, Name: Nutcracker
ID: 139, Name: Door Garland
ID: 140, Name: Presents
ID: 143, Name: Plush Gray Chair
ID: 144, Name: Watering Can
ID: 145, Name: Rare Flower Pot
ID: 146, Name: Wood Bench
ID: 147, Name: Fan
ID: 148, Name: Lamp
ID: 149, Name: Piata
ID: 150, Name: Lava Lamp
ID: 151, Name: Oval Rug
ID: 152, Name: Rectangle Rug
ID: 153, Name: Coat Rack
ID: 154, Name: Grandfather Clock
ID: 155, Name: Modern Art
ID: 156, Name: Teddy Bear
ID: 157, Name: Student Desk
ID: 158, Name: Sunset Painting
ID: 159, Name: LCD HD-TV
ID: 160, Name: Green Rug
ID: 161, Name: Green Oval Rug
ID: 162, Name: Small House Plant
ID: 163, Name: Party Fountian
ID: 164, Name: Stereo
ID: 165, Name: Wooden Crate
ID: 166, Name: Mullet Fish
ID: 167, Name: Large House Plant
ID: 168, Name: Wall Clock
ID: 169, Name: Mexican Rug
ID: 170, Name: Pink Balloon
ID: 171, Name: Blue Balloon
ID: 172, Name: Yellow Balloon
ID: 173, Name: Red Balloon
ID: 174, Name: Green Balloon
ID: 175, Name: Party Banner
ID: 176, Name: Birthday Cake
ID: 177, Name: Dance Floor
ID: 178, Name: Jukebox
ID: 180, Name: Umbrella Table
ID: 181, Name: White Plastic Chair
ID: 182, Name: Lounging Deck Chair
ID: 183, Name: Surf Beach Towel
ID: 184, Name: Curved Desk
ID: 185, Name: Classroom Desk
ID: 186, Name: Wall Chalkboard
ID: 187, Name: Classroom Chair
ID: 250, Name: Barrel
ID: 251, Name: Piano
ID: 252, Name: Piano Bench
ID: 253, Name: Single Wall Light
ID: 254, Name: Double Wall Light
ID: 260, Name: Toy Train
ID: 261, Name: Chalk Board
ID: 270, Name: Purple Plastic Chair
ID: 271, Name: Purple Plastic Lawn Chair
ID: 272, Name: Purple Beanbag Chair
ID: 273, Name: Purple Coffee Table
ID: 274, Name: Purple Lava Lamp
ID: 275, Name: Purple Couch
ID: 280, Name: Snowboard Rack
ID: 281, Name: Dart Board
ID: 282, Name: Ski Rack
ID: 283, Name: Red CP Pennant
ID: 284, Name: Blue CP Pennant
ID: 285, Name: Straight Racetrack Piece
ID: 286, Name: Curved Racetrack Piece
ID: 287, Name: Badminton Net
ID: 288, Name: Bench
ID: 289, Name: Cricket Wickets
ID: 290, Name: Basketball Net
ID: 291, Name: Score Board
ID: 292, Name: Hockey Net
ID: 293, Name: Weight Bench
ID: 294, Name: Treadmill
ID: 295, Name: Pommel Horse
ID: 296, Name: Red Gym Mat
ID: 297, Name: Blue Gym Mat
ID: 298, Name: Tube
ID: 299, Name: Court Lines
ID: 300, Name: Exercise Ball
ID: 301, Name: Exercise Bike
ID: 302, Name: Home Plate
ID: 303, Name: Base
ID: 304, Name: Globe
ID: 305, Name: Treasure Chest
ID: 306, Name: Ship In A Bottle
ID: 307, Name: Pink Flamingo
ID: 308, Name: Porthole
ID: 309, Name: Captain’s Wheel
ID: 310, Name: Wall Map
ID: 311, Name: Penguin Monument
ID: 312, Name: Pirate Ship
ID: 313, Name: Jolly Roger Flag
ID: 314, Name: Camping Chair
ID: 315, Name: Picnic Table
ID: 316, Name: Lanterns
ID: 317, Name: Fire Pit
ID: 318, Name: Sleeping Bag
ID: 319, Name: Bunk Bed
ID: 330, Name: Red Coffee Table
ID: 331, Name: Red Plush Couch
ID: 332, Name: Red Chair
ID: 333, Name: Book Case
ID: 334, Name: Red Bean Bag Chair
ID: 335, Name: Plastic Deck Chair
ID: 336, Name: Terracotta Sun
ID: 337, Name: Terracotta Pot
ID: 338, Name: Terracotta Pitcher
ID: 339, Name: Terracotta Vase
ID: 340, Name: Mexican Vase
ID: 341, Name: Medieval Banner
ID: 342, Name: Wall Torch
ID: 343, Name: Royal Throne
ID: 344, Name: Ficus Plant
ID: 345, Name: Snake Grass
ID: 346, Name: Flower Planter
ID: 347, Name: Vacuum
ID: 348, Name: Broom
ID: 349, Name: Mop & Bucket
ID: 350, Name: Drum Kit
ID: 351, Name: Shoe Rack
ID: 352, Name: CD Rack
ID: 353, Name: Microphone
ID: 354, Name: DJ Table
ID: 355, Name: Concert Lights
ID: 356, Name: Pop Art Painting
ID: 357, Name: Starry Night Painting
ID: 358, Name: Cooler
ID: 359, Name: Pink Plastic Castle
ID: 360, Name: Clam
ID: 361, Name: Sea Weed
ID: 362, Name: Inflatable Chair
ID: 363, Name: Inflatable Sofa
ID: 364, Name: Security Camera
ID: 365, Name: Blender
ID: 366, Name: Ferris Wheel Couch
ID: 367, Name: Circus Ball
ID: 368, Name: Picket Fence
ID: 369, Name: Penguin Gnome
ID: 370, Name: Garden
ID: 371, Name: Wheelbarrow
ID: 372, Name: Waves
ID: 373, Name: Orange Banner
ID: 374, Name: Green Banner
ID: 375, Name: Purple Banner
ID: 376, Name: Regal Chair
ID: 377, Name: Chess Castle
ID: 378, Name: Chess Knight
ID: 390, Name: Cash Register
ID: 391, Name: Easel
ID: 392, Name: Penguin Band Poster
ID: 393, Name: Orange Inflatable Sofa
ID: 394, Name: Orange Inflatable Chair
ID: 400, Name: Zeus Stage Poster
ID: 401, Name: Peppy Stage Poster
ID: 402, Name: Tate Stage Poster
ID: 403, Name: Space Stage Poster
ID: 410, Name: Harp
ID: 411, Name: Disco Ball
ID: 412, Name: Music Stand
ID: 413, Name: Guitar Stand
ID: 414, Name: Band Stage
ID: 415, Name: Quarter Note
ID: 416, Name: Eighth Note
ID: 417, Name: Treble Clef
ID: 418, Name: Wall Speakers
ID: 420, Name: Life Ring
ID: 421, Name: Wall Net
ID: 422, Name: Rockhopper Portrait
ID: 423, Name: Lifeboat
ID: 424, Name: Steering Wheel
ID: 425, Name: Desert Island
ID: 426, Name: Coins For Change Banner
ID: 430, Name: Stainless Steel Stove
ID: 431, Name: Stainless Steel Fridge
ID: 432, Name: Corner Booth Seat
ID: 433, Name: Straight Booth Seat
ID: 434, Name: Coffee Maker
ID: 435, Name: Pizza Oven
ID: 440, Name: Popcorn Machine
ID: 441, Name: Ticket Booth
ID: 442, Name: Red Carpet
ID: 443, Name: Velvet Rope
ID: 444, Name: Blue Curtain
ID: 450, Name: Laboratory Desk
ID: 451, Name: Overhead Light
ID: 452, Name: Plasma Ball
ID: 453, Name: Seismograph
ID: 454, Name: Control Terminal
ID: 455, Name: Moving Eye Painting
ID: 460, Name: Stone Lantern
ID: 461, Name: Rice Paper Wall Screen
ID: 470, Name: Christmas Ribbon
ID: 471, Name: Leaning Tree
ID: 472, Name: Wall Snowflake
ID: 473, Name: Wrought Iron Lamp Post
ID: 474, Name: Stocking
ID: 475, Name: Wooden Reindeer
ID: 480, Name: Snow Wall
ID: 481, Name: Sloped Snow Wall
ID: 482, Name: Snow Fortress Wall
ID: 483, Name: Snow Arch
ID: 484, Name: Snow Tower
ID: 485, Name: Icicles
ID: 486, Name: Snowy Tree
ID: 487, Name: Small Rock
ID: 488, Name: Penguin Mask
ID: 489, Name: Wall Gecko
ID: 490, Name: Mexican Blanket
ID: 491, Name: Hand Weights
ID: 492, Name: Climbing Wall
ID: 493, Name: Stacking Washer and Dryer
ID: 494, Name: Map Area Rug
ID: 495, Name: Ironing Board
ID: 496, Name: Astro Barrier Poster
ID: 497, Name: Thin Ice Poster
ID: 500, Name: Yellow Puffle Poster
ID: 501, Name: Blue Puffle Poster
ID: 502, Name: Red Puffle Poster
ID: 503, Name: Green Puffle Poster
ID: 504, Name: Black Puffle Poster
ID: 505, Name: Pink Puffle Poster
ID: 506, Name: Purple Puffle Poster
ID: 507, Name: White Puffle Poster
ID: 511, Name: Supernova Shadow Box
ID: 512, Name: Shadow Guy Shadow Box
ID: 513, Name: Gamma Gal Shadow Box
ID: 514, Name: Accoustic Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 515, Name: Electric Guitar Shadow Box
ID: 516, Name: Formal Table
ID: 517, Name: Formal Chair
ID: 520, Name: Tennis Net
ID: 521, Name: Pitcher\’s Mound
ID: 522, Name: Tennis Court
ID: 525, Name: Tea Table
ID: 526, Name: Large Box
ID: 527, Name: Medium Box
ID: 528, Name: Small Box
ID: 529, Name: Portal Box
ID: 200, Name: Blue Bed
ID: 201, Name: Pink Bed
ID: 202, Name: Gray Bed
ID: 203, Name: Green Bed
ID: 204, Name: Gray Puffle House
ID: 205, Name: Brown Puffle House
ID: 206, Name: Pink Puffle House
ID: 207, Name: Blue Puffle House
ID: 208, Name: Green Puffle House
ID: 209, Name: Purple Puffle House
ID: 210, Name: Small Scratching Post
ID: 211, Name: Large Scratching Post
ID: 212, Name: Water Dish
ID: 213, Name: Fish Bowl
ID: 214, Name: Water Bottle
ID: 215, Name: Running Wheel
ID: 216, Name: Turtle Bowl
ID: 217, Name: Bird Cage
ID: 218, Name: Puffle Tree
ID: 219, Name: Puffle Tent
ID: 220, Name: Puffle Condo
ID: 221, Name: Purple Bed
ID: 222, Name: Red Bed
ID: 223, Name: Red Puffle House
ID: 224, Name: Scratch Tower
ID: 225, Name: Double Dish
ID: 226, Name: Puffle Igloo
ID: 227, Name: Yellow Bed
ID: 228, Name: Yellow Puffle House
ID: 229, Name: Koi Pond
ID: 230, Name: Green Birdhouse
ID: 231, Name: Blue Birdhouse


ID: 1, Name: Basic Igloo
ID: 2, Name: Candy Igloo
ID: 3, Name: Deluxe Igloo
ID: 4, Name: Deluxe Candy Igloo
ID: 5, Name: Secret Stone Igloo
ID: 6, Name: Snow Igloo
ID: 8, Name: Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo
ID: 9, Name: Deluxe Snow Igloo
ID: 10, Name: Bamboo Hut
ID: 11, Name: Log Cabin
ID: 12, Name: Gym
ID: 13, Name: Split Level Igloo
ID: 14, Name: Candy Split Level Igloo
ID: 15, Name: Snow Globe
ID: 16, Name: Ice Castle
ID: 17, Name: Split Level Snow Igloo
ID: 18, Name: Fish Bowl
ID: 19, Name: Tent
ID: 20, Name: Jack-O-Lantern
ID: 21, Name: Backyard Igloo
ID: 22, Name: Pink Ice Palace
ID: 23, Name: Ship Igloo
ID: 24, Name: Dojo Igloo
ID: 25, Name: Gingerbread House
ID: 26, Name: Restaurant Igloo


ID: 0, Name: Blue
ID: 1, Name: Pink
ID: 2, Name: Black
ID: 3, Name: Green
ID: 4, Name: Purple
ID: 5, Name: Red
ID: 6, Name: Yellow
ID: 7, Name: White


ID: 12, Subject: Welcome
ID: 32, Subject: Terrific Friend
ID: 46, Subject: Aloha
ID: 70, Subject: Cool Outfit
ID: 56, Subject: Hey There
ID: 57, Subject: Be My Buddy
ID: 62, Subject: Let’s Hang Out
ID: 40, Subject: Band Practice
ID: 41, Subject: Watch My Band Play
ID: 42, Subject: Wanna Join My Band
ID: 66, Subject: Ruby and the Ruby
ID: 67, Subject: Planet Y
ID: 71, Subject: Actors Needed
ID: 74, Subject: Golden Puffle
ID: 81, Subject: Squidzoid
ID: 85, Subject: Join Blue
ID: 86, Subject: Join Red
ID: 43, Subject: Happy Puffles
ID: 44, Subject: Best Friends
ID: 45, Subject: Cool Puffles
ID: 17, Subject: Cool Igloo
ID: 61, Subject: Igloo Party
ID: 22, Subject: Happy Halloween
ID: 23, Subject: Trick or Treat
ID: 73, Subject: Season’s Greetings
ID: 76, Subject: Donate
ID: 77, Subject: Merry Christmas
ID: 78, Subject: Happy New Year
ID: 79, Subject: Winter Fiesta
ID: 82, Subject: Puffle Party
ID: 83, Subject: Snow Sculpture
ID: 84, Subject: Rockhopper
ID: 87, Subject: St. Patrick’s
ID: 19, Subject: Good Game
ID: 39, Subject: Sled Race
ID: 51, Subject: Jet Pack
ID: 58, Subject: Cart Surfer
ID: 59, Subject: Find Four
ID: 60, Subject: Ice Hockey
ID: 65, Subject: Soccer
ID: 68, Subject: Treasure Hunt
ID: 69, Subject: Aqua Grabber
ID: 72, Subject: DJ3K
ID: 75, Subject: Card-Jitsu
ID: 80, Subject: Dance Off
ID: 4, Subject: Coffee Shop
ID: 5, Subject: Pizza Parlor
ID: 14, Subject: Beach
ID: 16, Subject: Ice Rink
ID: 20, Subject: Snow Forts
ID: 21, Subject: Pool
ID: 52, Subject: Ski Hill
ID: 54, Subject: Stage
ID: 55, Subject: Dojo
ID: 63, Subject: Night Club
ID: 64, Subject: Stopping By
ID: 100, Subject: Blue Ran
ID: 101, Subject: Pink Ran
ID: 102, Subject: Black Ran
ID: 103, Subject: Green Ran
ID: 104, Subject: Purple Ran
ID: 105, Subject: Red Ran
ID: 106, Subject: Yellow Ran
ID: 110, Subject: Hungry Puffle
ID: 111, Subject: Adopted Puffle
ID: 120, Subject: Penguin Mail
ID: 121, Subject: Enjoy Membership
ID: 122, Subject: Membership Expires in 7
ID: 123, Subject: Membership Expires in 2
ID: 124, Subject: Membership Expired
ID: 125, Subject: Welcome to CP
ID: 126, Subject: Congrats Tour Guide
ID: 127, Subject: Congrats Agent
ID: 128, Subject: Thanks CPIP
ID: 129, Subject: PSA Wants You
ID: 130, Subject: Attention Agent-From G Mission 9
ID: 131, Subject: 3rd Year Anniversary Party Invite
ID: 132, Subject: Igloo Contest Winner
ID: 133, Subject: Attention Agent-From G Mission 10
ID: 156, Subject: From the Band
ID: 157, Subject: Christmas Igloo Contest Winner
ID: 158, Subject: You’re a Published Penguin
ID: 159, Subject: Thanks for giving!
ID: 160, Subject: Dance Party
ID: 162, Subject: Snow Sculptures
ID: 163, Subject: Membership Expires in 14 days
ID: 164, Subject: Membership Badge
ID: 165, Subject: You’re Invited to Penguin Play Awards
ID: 166, Subject: Penguin Play Awards Week 1
ID: 167, Subject: Penguin Awards Week 2
ID: 168, Subject: Penguin Awards Week 3
ID: 169, Subject: White Ran
ID: 170, Subject: April Fool’s
ID: 173, Subject: Easter

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