Eric’s sports teams!

These are like CP armies, with no violence, just good ol’ sporty fun!

Here is the hockey info for right now:

Join my new CP hockey team the “Las Vegas six sick sticks”


Six men on the ice, and we are sickest team out there (sickest as in best), and we do tricks with our sticks! There will be a page! Also, visist for more info on cp hockey. This is like a cp army, with no violence, just hockey fights! lol.

Reserve positions!

Goalie (Guards the goal):

Centre (takes the faceoffs):

Left wing (stays on hte left side of the rink and tries to score):

Right wing (stays on the right side of the rink and tries to score):

Left Defense (defends the left side):

right defense (defends the right side): Eric E has reserved this position.

Team Manager/Coach:

Water boy:

Mascot (which will be a Mummy with a stick, you will also have to dance around and cheer):

Cheer leaders (you come out onto the ice at half time, and cheer for our team)

I play Right defense in real life, so that is what I play in CP 🙂 There will be backups, and we will switch positions sometimes for hockey 🙂 Anybody can play or cheer! just sign up!

2 Responses to “Eric’s sports teams!”

  1. can we play u i have a hockey team just go to

  2. ive got a ice hockey team go to to join and post a comment

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