fun facts about eric!

I  am 13 years old

my birthday is February 23

i was born in 1996.

i forgot my own birthday one time. when i was in 5th grade. until a girl reminded me! that was 2 years ago! im in the seventh grade now!

i met rockhopper! on the server snow angel! i got his backround! i met him on Eric E. i talked to him but he didnt talk back. cause a lot of people were around. he just kept sayin Argh!, Yarr!, and Hello me mateys!

i met penguin band! on the server brumby. i got there backround! i met them on Eric E. i talked to each one of them and they talked back but a lot of people were there!

i have a nfl rush account but got bored of it and lasted on it for 4 months. my name was eetheathlete.

i have a club tuki account but got bored of it within the first hour i started playing it! i was itseric111

i had a millsberry acount. i got bored of it within a month.  i forgot my name though. (ill find it out and tell you)

i have like 8 runescape accounts. i forgot 7 of em and i never go on the one i remembered.

i have a multiply. multiply is like myspace accept multiply is a little bit less dirtier and theres no profanity or nudity in it.

i have a youtube account.

one of my multiplys i deleted and made another one right after it.

i like every type of music. name the band and i probably like them!

straw000 is my contact on yahoo.

i have 4 e-mails.

the first clubpenguin cheat site i ever went on was watex/fever.

the first wordpress i ever went on was watex/fever.

i found out about sunrise moons site by: i was waiting to meet fever along with other penguins and some random penguin came by sayin,” GO TO SUNRISE MOON. HE IS COOL! and thats how i found out. that was about 3 months ago from 12/31/o8

watex/fever and sunrise moon’s site inspired me to make a website.

at one point in my life, i wanted to permanetly delete my website but sunrise encouraged me to hang in there.

i have 13 penuins.

i have the same name as my dad. (thats why im a jr.) accept he has a different middle name and he HATES his middle name so i wont say it.

my first party was the water party. i LOVED it.

my first pin was the anvil pin. its because i skiped 42 days on clubpenguin but at the time i thought clubpenguin was stupid cause by accident i went on a safe chat server, and i thought u couldnt talk in clubpenguin so i didnt see the point. 42 days later my friend who i havent met up with in 2 years got me back into clubpenguin! thank God for that! i am now 247 days old now as of 12/31/08!

Eric E was my first penguin.

i am a WWII (world war 2) buff

i was born in newport beach, california, USA

i live in las vegas, nevada.

i am a major Sports card colector. i have at least 1000 cards of each sport! i probably have around 6000 now.

i’ve played every sport in organized leagues accept for swimming, track and field, and fencing. ive played miniature golf! 🙂 (that counts!)

ive spent at least $58 dollars in membership.

I buy my own membership!

i buy my own sports cards.

i met cadence! on the server flurry on Eric4280

i have no mother


17 Responses to “fun facts about eric!”

  1. LOL! Im in 7 grade, collect sports cards and my bday is october17
    Eric E: are u serious?!!!!!!!! ur in the 7th grade!!!! and u collect cards!!!!!!!! and happy late birthday dude! kewl ur older than me!!!!! makes meh feel young, lol. im an avid card collector as u can tell.

  2. Eric2480! You really shouldn’t put your full name up here. A stalker might look you up and come to your doorstep (I’m exaggerating a bit but still, don’t put your full name up on the internet!)
    Eric E: true that, but do u know how many eric england’s there are. my dad is friends with one of them! can u believe that? u should see them talk to each other. theres like 4,5,6, maybe 7 in vegas alone. one of ems bound to have the middle name of chrostopher. plus, u dont know if thats my real name, i can make that up! i didnt im just trying to say. i really do appreciate ur concern, after i posted i thought and then i realized im not the only eric. but i think im gonna take it down so yeahhhhhh. ur a good friend man.

  3. lol! You’re welcome!
    Eric E: 🙂

  4. Are you american…?
    Eric E: yupperz

  5. You’re american. I am the only person in the UK to work on my blog 😀
    Eric E: yupperz, im american. i have a little french canadian in me though…..!!!! just a little though

  6. Cool! Las Vegas?! Wow, cool! I went to Washington DC once, and I saw the president! Not Obama, the president then. He sort of just drove by. We also went to the White House!! It was cool, but kinda tense. They’re paranoid about the photos and phones and EVBERYTHING. We don’t let people into 10 Downing street (I think… lol)! Oh, I’ve been to BC too and Canada. Cool.
    Eric4280: las vegas is ok, we all wanna move though. 🙂 kewl dc! thats awesome!!! ur talkin about george bush… ugh im glad hes goin out of office lolz. i know were so paranoid cause we have made every country mad at us by having war with them! the ol’ british colombia! how was it!!!?? i went to toronto, ontario, canada! btw i wish i still lived in california but were thinking about moving to missouri or europe! both would be awesome!

  7. like ud facts eric pretty nice,
    by the way its cooldude(evan, Ninjakid618)
    Eric4280: yupp yup, like ud ARTIfacts 😉 lolz, u knew go check out the member party! it is awesome. and im still sick! 😦 makes sad face. i missed practice tonight and probably gonna miss saturdays game! NOOOOOOO! i hate this flu! its caused me too miss out on so much! well just a couple hockey games. lolz but i still hate it cause that could of been a good hockey game!

  8. people that have club penguin cheats and stuff are always old er than me! i was born in 1999! LOL!

  9. LOL! PENGUINGIRL I WAS BORN IN 1999. I’m only bout 9 or so but i sometimes lie ’bout my age.

  10. I was born in 1998… so I just turned 11… bc was awesome… Yeah GB…. wayyyy to wrinkly. I mean-
    ~ℓι gι 99

  11. Dude you have to have a mom if you didn`t then how did you get here…unless ummm….well the bad thing happened but I`m not going to say it but seriously why?

  12. Man -runs finger across neck- dont ask the question… guess.

  13. awesome your in las vegas…nevada? thats where my grandparents and my puppies r…but i cant have my puppies in my house lol

  14. DUDE NO WAY! I AM 13 in the seventh grade and my dads name is my name too! except i am II or second but not jr

  15. Hey eric im a big card collector i have 1,345 cards.mostly baseball cards.

  16. Hey eric im a big card collector i have 1,345 cards. a lot of them are baseball cards.

  17. NICE! I collect all types of cards, but since I am going to be playing Junior baseball soon, I am focused on collecting baseball right now. I have a great site for you if you like cards, It’s a rocking site for cards man.

    It’s nice to see another collector 🙂

    Sometimes I sell also, like I sold my old collection to start a new one 🙂

    See ya vio789!

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