how to get rich in club penguin

hiya! some of us, well not all of us, but most of us wanna be cool in club penguin. whether it be rare, or famous, or even rich! this page will show you how to get rich!!!!!! get ready to here some awesome tips guys and girls!

coffee beans game

first level- when you start to get around a 100 points, try and carry up to 5 bags when you get to 95 points. then you will end up getting 208 points!

here is a pic


finish all the levels for this to happen.

cart surfer is a GREAT game for earning coins. but, it does get kinda boring. i suggest you get rich before the latest catalogues come out, then you won’t have to worry.

here are some key moves

press the left arrow or right arrow to do a 360, then press the down and space bar to do a flip. keep reapeating this. also, losse all of your lives, it gets u more coins!

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