ok, im starting a new army. first ones to join get high ranks. me and sabres678 are the fire troops (if he joins)! were the leaders in other words


fire troops! (el capitano(s))- we lead and fight!

storm troops- you boys flank out of nowhere! if u dont know what flank means, it means to come out of nowhere and fight! u come from behind

paratroops- you will be in different stations. use ur map, and then flank from all over! form circles and trap the enemy!

snow troops- blend in as if you were civilians, then just start blazing!

rain troops- we will call you if needed. most likely u will fight, ur service will be recognized even if you dont fight! so dont worry!

THIS WILL BECOME A PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “JOIN OUR FACTION!”

  1. HEY DUDE!Its me lecraeman!I hope you know you are third in command in the EPAA!

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