penguin chat 3

hey, i was checking out rocketsnail’s penguin game (penguin chat 3). i owe a little to wikia for this information and pics. herea re the pics. it looks awesome!






the current club penguin is known as the much better version of penguin chat 3. one day they might improve it more. i dont know it what ways though seeing as it is perfect! lol. in penguin chat 3 there were no members or non members. u could be a ninja, forklift driver, or constuction worker with the hardhat.

6 Responses to “penguin chat 3”

  1. hmm ive heard of rsnail he said he made other penguin chats! u no that pole on the last pic…and on penguin chat 3 it has this truck with fireworks? yellow truck? and a famous penguin named bob? theres a chat open still like that, rsnail probaly made it lol

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  6. cool!!!

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